• WPS-3000移動太陽能無線監控系統
    Series : Wireless Video Monitor
    名稱 : WPS-3000移動太陽能無線監控系統
    name : WSP-3000 Portable Wireless Solar Power Monitor System
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    The system includes solar power supply,capture camera,warning light,mobile base,

    pneumatic lifting pole,etc.When require moving,the lifting pole can be drawn back and the solar panel be folded in a minute,then be moved to target place by small vehicles,to set up temporary monitoring point,same as quick as possible to evacuate site.


    The system is able to conduct long time automatic operation without person.It can meet the demands of temporary set-up monitoring point by public security department,

    government or enterprise organization,to capture traffic violations,security jacks,and other special targets.




    MPPT solar intelligent controller,which can actively track the highest power point of solar modules,and adopts advanced multi-peak tracking maximum power technology,tracking efficiency up to 99.9%power generation efficiency increased by 30%;


    Built-in high quality 150AH lithium battery,anti-high temperature,anti-puncture,with 2000 times cycle times;


    Built-in cloud module,able to remotely inspect solar system figures,such as voltage,

    current,temperature of battery and solar panel;


    BMS power isolation protector provides power protection to prevent camera from high voltage burnout or low voltage operation instability;


    With high accuracy temperature sensor,support cloudy charging,support no battery operation;


    Lifting pole can be held at any height as will;


    Low power consumption camera,support long time operation.10 days endurance after fully charge;


    4G integrated smart dome camera,1080P HD video output.built-in industrial grade network module,3G/4G full netcom;


    Black light level image sensor make excellent night vision function;


    Manual control warning light;





    Solar Panel

    85W*3pcs high efficiency A level monocrystal line silicon


    Stainless steel 3 sections

    Lithium Battery

    12V150AH lithium battery


    MPPT multi-peak tracking maximum power technology

    Power Protector

    BMS Isolated voltage stabilization

    Cloud Module

    Remote inspect solar system figures such as



    10 days after fully charge

    Pole Material

    Aluminium alloy

    Pole Section No.

    4 sections

    Pole Max. Height


    Pole Min. Height


    Pole Extending Type


    Air Pump

    12V twin cylinder


    4 wheels with 2 brakes

    Warning Light

    Manual control,red


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