• STORM-7300多功能船用電笛
    Series : High power mass notification system
    名稱 : STORM-7300多功能船用電笛
    name : STORM-7300 Electric Marine Horn
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    STORM-7300 Electric Marine Horn incorporates functions as manual marine horn,auto fog horn,PA talk and general alarm.It has advantages of high acoustic pressure,comprehensive functionality,high reliability,long service life and simple installation.


    The high power electric horn is able to make 131 dB @1m acoustic pressure to achieve one nautical mile effective audibility range.It is applied for vessel over 20 meters but under 75 meters in length.It can work under serious marine environments with excellent outdoor performance,anti-water/dust (IP66),corrosion and high-low temperature resistance.


    With integrated chip control,the horn makes stable frequency sound.It incorporate a push ‘at-will’ button to produce blast manually.Besides there is one automatic fog horn button,which can produce prolonged and short blast codes repeatedly according to IMO/SOLAS requirement.The hand-held microphone can make PA talk outward sea.It incorporate one general emergency alarm button,which can make imitated bell alarm sound on the horn under emergency situation.



    Operation Voltage:DC24V

    Power Consumption:300W   

    Sound Pressure Level (Loudness): 131dB @1m

    Effective Horn Audibility Range:1 nautical mile

    Effective PA Talk Audibility Range:800 meters

    Frequency Range: 500Hz±20Hz

    Application vessel length:20 meters≤L75 meters

    Horn Material:BMC Synthetic Resin/ABS

    Protection Grade:Horn IP66  Control Amplifier IP22

    Operation Temperature: -50℃+55℃

    Measurement Loudspeaker: 651.3×510×272mm     Net Weight:10.6Kg

    Measurement Control Amplifier: 190×178×66mm     Net Weight:2Kg


    STORM-7300 electric marine horn includes mainly the electric horn and control amplifier.


    1.Electric Horn Installation:

    Pls combine the horn and STORM-7300 sound driver by the flange connector with screws.


    Pls take care if the rubber gasket and metal filter be put in between the horn and the flange connector.Mounting installation brackets on the bottom of sound driver by twisting screws. The horn is installed outside cabin,pls make sure there is no obstacle in front of horn.Horn outline measurement,diagram 1.



    2.Control Amplifier Installation:

    The control amplifier need installing inside navigation bridge.We can fix it on a flat surface

    by brackets on its sides or embed it into ship bridge console with fixing screws on control

    interface quadrangle.Control amplifier outline measurement,diagram 2.

    3. Horn & Amplifier Connection

    Connect amplifier DC power input port with DC power source,pls take care if concerning positive and negative electrode connected correctly.Diagram 3.


    By two multi-strand copper wire,connect horn output port with input lines of electric horn,which has no electrode requirement.1.0 mm2 cross sectional area is suggested,if the wire length under 50 meters.The wire cross sectional area need enlarging with the length increasing.The effective wire length should not exceed 500 meter.

    Operation Introduction:

    STORM-7300 Electric Marine Horn incorporates three main functions,marine horn,cabin interphone and general alarm.First of all,switch the power on,the power indicator lighted.Follow the detailed operation way as below,refer to diagram 4.

    1.Electric Horn Operation

    (A)Manual Horn

    Push ‘Manual Horn’ and hold it,button light on,the horn will produce blast at-will,once release the button the sound will stop,button light off.


    (B)Auto Fog Horn

    According to IMO/SOLAR requirement,when navigate or stop in or near an area of restricted visibility,like in fog,a vessel must produce regular prolonged and short blast codes to warn an approaching vessel the possibility of collision.


    Push the ‘Auto Fog Horn’ one time without holding,button light on,the horn will produce regular prolonged and short blast codes repeatedly until push the button again to stop it,button light off.


    2.PA Talk Outward

    When holding the push button on side of microphone,we can make PA talk outward sea.The volume switch on interface can justify the volume of PA talk.


    3.General Alarm

    When emergency situations occur,such as fire,machine failure,gas leak and man overboard,push ‘General Alarm’,button light on,one imitated bell alarm sound will be triggered on electric horn to warn the sailors.Push the button again to stop alarm,button light off.



    When the equipment not work or function abnormally,pls check as below steps:


    1.Switch power on without indicator light on

    (A)Check if input power voltage DC24V,if positive and negative electrode connected correctly.

    (B)Check if input fuse burned.Input fuse 15A.


    2.Push horn button but no sound make

    (A)Check if connection in correct port,if any circuit or broken circuit occur on wires between horn and amplifier.


    Maintenance & Precautions

    1.The input power must be correct DC24V.

    2.The power electrode can not be connected in reverse.

    3.The electric horn installation brackets must be fixed firmly.

    4.Prevent the control amplifier away from humidity.

    5.Regular check operation situation.

    6.Regular clear up horn inside and outside.

    7.Keep the product manual in case repair or disassemble.


    Packing list

    1.STORM-7300 control amplifier 300W×1;

    2.STORM-7300 high power loudspeaker 300W×1;

    (separated with one sound driver,one horn,one pair installation brackets)

    3.Spare input fuse(15A) ×2, Spare output fuse(5A) ×2;

    4.Product manual×1


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