• Series : High power mass notification system
    名稱 : MTC-600大功率擴音警報器
    name : HPS-8002 High Power Mass Notification Siren
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    HPS-8002 high power mass notification siren are applied for mass alerting and notification operation,such as in petrochemical,mining,power station,dam,natural hazard warning,military base,prison,campus and other industrial and civil fields.
    The siren has advantages of high acoustic output power,massive sound coverage and shock voice performance.The very high power horn is able to achieve max. 1300 meters and max. 137dB sound pressure.The horn is with high shock strength,and able to work under severe environments,anti water,dust(IP66),corrosion,and high-low temperature resistant.
    Ten general alarm tones(or other special tones) are integrated,Siren,Fire,Security,First Aid,Emergency,Warning,Air Horn Pi-Pi-Pi,Pi---,All Clear,which carry out alarm tasks under different emergency situation.
    One push-to-talk microphone provided PA solution,also can record instant PA and replay repeatedly.With USB Sticker / SD-Card port player,it can play mp3.It also provides Audio input and output port for connect other equipment.
    This product has been authorized by CE test system with No. EC.1282.0S130823.WME2124

    Control Amplifier
    Input Voltage
    Rated Power
    Max Power
    Max Horn Amount
    2 Units
    Output Impedance
    Alarm Tone
    1.Siren  2.Fire  3.Security  4.First Aid  5.Emergency
      6.Warning  7.Air Horn  8.Pi-Pi-Pi  9.Pi---  10.All Clear
    Line In/Out
    Mic In×2,Aux In×2,Line Out×1,
    USB×1,SD×1,Microphone (Record&Play)×1
    Remote Control
    Contact On/Off Signal Port
    Frequency Response
    S/N Ratio
    MIC 65dB,AUX 85dB
    Standard Cabinet
    Product Dimension
    Package Dimension
    Net Weight
    Gross Weight
    Aluminium Alloy / Iron
    High Power Horn
    Horn Amount
    (same direction)
    1 Unit
    2 Units
    4 Units
    8 Units
    Max. Sound Pressure (@1m)
    Effective Sound Range / Area
    Alarm 1.3km
    1.77 sq.km
    PA Audio 0.8Km
    0.67 sq.km
    Alarm 1.8km
    3.4 sq.km
    PA Audio 1.1km
    1.27 sq.km
    Alarm 2.3km
    5.5 sq.km
    PA Audio 1.4 km
    2 sq.km
    Alarm 3km
    9.42 sq.km
    PA Audio 2km
    4.19 sq.km
    Max/Rated Power
    450W / 300W
    Frequency Response
    BMC Synthetic Resin/ABS
    Operation Temperature
    Protection Grade
    Product Dimension
    Package Dimension
    Net Weight
    Gross Weight
    Horn Installation:
    1,Pls combine the horn mouth and sound driver by flange connector with screws.Pls take care if the rubber gasket has been put in between the horn mouth and the flange connector.Fix two frames on bottom sides of sound driver by screw caps.Through frames the horn can be fixed on wall,cement ground,install base and other surface.
    We provide horizontal and vertical frame for selection.Below horn and frame dimension.

    2,By two multi-strand copper cable (or one cable contains two corns),connect horn output port behind control amplifier separately with input lines of horns.Pls avoid short circuit as two multi-strand copper cable touch each other during usage.
    Pls select proper thickness cable according to length demand.For reducing sound attenuation during long distance,the cable cross sectional area need enlarging with the distance increasing.The effective wire length is suggested not exceed 1000 meters.Below the suggested setting of cross sectional area with cable length.
    Connecting Cable Length
    Cable Cross Sectional Area
    (Square Millimeter)
    Control Amplifier Operation:

    1.Power Switch
    Turn on power switch,the indicator lighted.
    2.Power Input
    Port for AC220V input cable.
    3.Power Input Fuse
    Specification,5×20mm,5A.Spare fuse included.

    4.Volume Justify
    Justify sound volume through volume knob,sound enlarge colorwise.
    5.Alarm Operation
    Press once tone button to trigger alarm,press again to close it.
    TONE1 Siren
    TONE2 Fire
    TONE3 Security
    TONE4 First Aid
    TONE5 Emergency
    TONE6 Warning
    TONE7 Horn
    TONE8 Pi-Pi-Pi
    TONE9 Pi---
    TONE10 All Clear
    6.TONE On/Off Signal Input
    In case connecting other outside equipment,which is going to trigger alarm tone,such as remote push button or reply switch,we use the ‘TONE On/Off Signal Input’ port behind the control amplifier.
    The number 1 to 10 mean TONE 1 to TONE 10.Two signal cables connect one control location,one cable connect to concerning number,the other to ‘COM’.In case a few control location required,the number port and ‘COM’ port can be in parallel connection.Once contact signal given,alarm triggered,once again,alarm stopped.Below connection diagram.
    7.Push-to-talk Microphone
    Holding switch on side microphone side when PA talking use.
    8.Record And Play
    Press ‘Record’ button to record max. 20 secs voice,press again to stop recording.Press ‘Play’ button to play recorded content repeatedly,and press again to stop playing.
    9.USB/SD card player
    Turn ‘OFF/ON ’switch on the player board off.Press ‘MODE’ to select between USB/SD card and FM radio.Insert USB stick or SD card with mp3 files into concerning port,the player will scan and play automatically.Press ?II to play or pause. Press ??I and I?? to forward and backward files.
    10/11.Audio Input / Output Port
    It provides 2 MIC (6.35mm) line input,2 AUX (RCA) line input and 1 Line output(RCA),which make it easy connect different external audio equipments.
    12.Horn Output Terminal
    The numbers ‘I,II’ mean connect terminal (each with two posts) for connect 2 high power horns separately.Each terminal connect two multi-strand copper cables to one horn.Pls avoid cables from different horns connect into different terminals.
    13.Horn Output Fuse
    Specification,5×20mm,5A.Spare fuse included.

    Packing list:
    HPS-8002 high power siren control amplifier ×1
    (AC220V,600W, Standard Cabinet);
    STORM-7300 high power horn ×2
    (300W,include sound driver,horn mouth,frame);
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