• MTH-1000大功率手持擴音器
    產品類別: 强声扩音警报系统
    名稱: MTH-1000大功率手持擴音器
    name: MTH-1000 High Power Hand Held PA Speaker
    瀏覽次數: 3954
    MTH-1000 High Power Hand Held PA Speaker is widely applied in petrochemical,mining,power station,dam,natural hazard warning,military base,prison,campus and other industrial and civil fields which require portable high power mass notification operation.It provides various input way,such as PA Talk,Siren Alarm,Whistle,USB/SD,Aux In.It attaches a mini microphone for convenient PA talk.It supports Carrying strap,hand held,floor stand(with sticker optional).It is able to work under serious outdoor environments,with anti-water/dust (IP66),corrosion and high-low temperature resistance.
    Rated / Max Power: 50W /100W
    Effective Sound Coverage: 400-500m
    Input: PA Talk / Siren Alarm / Whistle / USB / SD / AUX IN
       with volume control ,extra mini mic
    Power supply: Dry Cell: 10x1.5v (SIZE D) (not included)
           / DC 12V Socket,Cigarette cord 6m included
    Operation Way:Carrying strap,handle,floor stand.
    Product Size: Φ350×500mm  
    Package Size: 395x390x615MM 
    Material: Rugged construction, ABS Plastic
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